What Is a Downeast Boat and Is It Right for You?

Downeast boats have a long, rugged history in the boating world. Originally, they were designed to protect Northeastern fishermen from the unpredictable Atlantic waters. But after adapting to the recreational market, these luxury yachts have become a popular option for boating enthusiasts. 
So, what is a Downeast boat? And better yet – is it a good cruising option for you? Stay tuned, as today’s blog post will reveal everything you need to know.

History of Downeast Boats

Downeast boats originated in Maine, which is how they got their name. Most travelers had to sail downwind to get to Maine’s coastline, thus inspiring the local phrase of sailing “down east.” Downeast boats were the hallmark of Maine’s lobster industry. As a result, they’re known for their durability, efficiency, and functionality.

What Are Downeast Style Boats?

Downeast boats are the perfect combination of stylish and seaworthy. Thanks to their fishing origins, they are impressively sturdy with high bows, raked stems, and enclosed helms. Additionally, Downeasters’ solid fiberglass hulls and wood interiors will keep occupants dry in choppy waters.
However, durability isn’t all these vessels have going for them. Their narrow entry allows for comfort and stability on the water. And their spacious layout is ideal for long-haul cruising.

Advantages of Downeast Boats

Is a Downeast boat suitable for you? If you aren’t quite sure, here are some advantages to choosing this style over your average sports cruiser: 

1. Practicality

Because they were designed with fishing in mind, these boats are incredibly easy to navigate. They are spacious, accessible, and super accommodating to boaters quickly maneuvering from the cockpit to the foredeck (in a strong breeze and choppy waters, might we add) to tie off a fender. Of course, there is also ample storage space and service access.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Downeast boats maintain an excellent fuel economy. Most sports cruisers must refuel twice before a Downeast boat runs out of power. 

3. Safety

Because Downeast boats are designed for choppy Atlantic waters, they’re about as safe as you can get. These vessels have terrific visibility and ample handholds and grab rails. 

4. Style

Downeast-style boats are classics for a reason. They have a timeless design with sleek lines and premier materials that resells in a breeze. Their cockpit is complete with an unobstructed (and incredibly comfortable) socializing, dining, and relaxation area (making them ideal for entertaining and cruising). 

Downeast Boat

Frequently Asked Questions

Still deciding if a Downeast boat is right for you? Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these popular vessels: 

What Are the Best Downeast Boat Brands?

Saber Yachts is one of the most popular makers of Downeast-style boats, as it has sold 500+ vessels since the start of 2020. However, other popular Downeast boat brands include Back Cove Yachts, Hinckley, Hunt Yachts, and MJM. 

Note that the best Downeast boat for you will depend on many factors – your cruising plans, number of guests, desirable speed, budget, etc.

How Much Do Downeast Boats Cost?

There are plenty of Downeast boats on the market, all sporting various price tags. The average Downeast boat will cost about $279,000. However, you can find them for as little as $20,051 in the used boat market and as much as $2,529,000 when you buy new (with all the bells and whistles included). 

How Are Downeast Boats Typically Used? 

There are plenty of uses for the modern Downeaster. Going back to its roots, this vessel is ideal for fishing excursions. It has an expansive cockpit that has plenty of room for anglers. And the deck boasts ample fish box capacity and ice. 

Additionally, Downeasters are great for anyone looking to do some long-range cruising. The deck space provides comfort and stability while driving, and there is plenty of room to bring all your closest friends on board. 

Finding the Right Boat for You 

Is a Downeast boat the right vessel for you? We hope this blog post was a helpful resource. If you’re new to the boating world, deciding on the right boat for your water adventures can be challenging. However, our Discover Boating team is here to help you through the process. 

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