Sailing Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Every Sailor Will Love

This sailing gift guide offers ten unique gift ideas that every sailor will love! From nautical décor to practical gear, we've got something for everyone.

Capsize Recovery: How to Recover a Capsized Sailboat

If you didn’t already know, capsizing refers to the overturning of a boat in the water. And unfortunately, it’s one of the leading causes of boating injuries and fatalities. Keep reading to learn how to recover a capsized sailboat, prevention tips, and disaster instructions. 

The 6 Best Places to Charter a Boat or Yacht in the U.S.

United States charter destinations provide some of the best boating and angling in the world. This blog post will review some of the top spots to charter a boat or yacht in the U.S.

11 Latinos Whose Careers Shaped The Coast Guard, Sailing, And Olympic Sports

From a couple who became the first Latinos in the Coast Guard to a present day Team USA athlete, these Latinos have made their impact felt in the world of sailing and beyond.  

How Sails Work - Sailing in Different Wind Conditions

Although it can take years to learn to sail well, the basics of sailing can be summed up by how sails are structured, how boat design creates forward momentum and the changes that must be made to sail trim and shape depending on the point of sail.

What Do I Need on My Sailboat?

20 pieces of essential equipment to have aboard

Cool Sailing Accessories

Sailors can never have enough gear so they’re perfect to buy for on any occasion. Regardless of your budget or their size and type of boat, you can find something that will delight them and if you think they’re the kind of sailor who has it all, you can always pick up something for yourself instead.

10 Best Gifts for Sailors During the 2021 Holiday Season

Sailors are gear-intensive and are always looking for gadgets from safety items to good books to curl up with during the long winter.

Celebrate Summer Sailstice

Held on the weekend nearest the summer solstice, Summer Sailstice is a global celebration of sailing—featuring races, cruises, and special sailing events all around the world.

Sailing Basics: 10 Nautical and Sailing Terms To Learn

If you’re learning how to sail—or if you’re thinking about purchasing a sailboat of your own—these nautical terms can provide a helpful overview of sailing basics you should know.