New Boater Gift Guide: 12 Gifts They’ll Love

Can you believe it? The holiday season is right around the corner! It’s time to start scouring boater gift guides and stock up on unique gifts for the boaters in your life. 

When it comes to boating apparel, sailing gear, and other getting-out-on-the-water equipment – you can never have too much. Trust us on that one.

If you’re new to the world of boating memorabilia, today’s post has got you covered. Our expert team has curated a list of the top gifts for new boaters. Take a peek and find one that speaks to you. 

Top 12 Gifts for New Boaters

Are you looking for a new boater gift guide to help you during the holiday season? You’ve come to the right place. Our expert team has put together a list of gifts for new boaters that anyone is guaranteed to love: 

1. Floating Cooler

Half the fun of being out on the water is getting to dip into the water. And if your boater has a floating cooler on board, it’s possible to take an ice-cold refreshment with them! We recommend getting one with cup holders, so they can keep their beverages conveniently close. 

2. Fish Finder

Are you stressing about the perfect gift for the angler on your holiday list? Well, fear no more! If they don’t already have one, a fish finder is something every fisherman should keep in their tackle box. Utilizing highly-sensitive GPS, these devices can locate fish in the area, mark hot spots, and even track fishing routes. 

3. Waterproof Speaker

If their boat isn’t equipped with a built-in stereo system, gifting your boater a waterproof speaker is the way to go. These devices are resilient and portable and keep tunes flowing throughout any water-related adventure. 

4. Sunglasses

When you’re out on the water, items like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are all essential UV protection. (And most boaters agree – you can never have too many!) Therefore, a pair of polarized sunglasses will make for a terrific gift. If you’d like, go one step further and buy a sunglass strap to match. 

New Boater Gift Guide

5. Dry Bag

All boaters know that anything brought on board is at risk of getting wet. However, tossing your essential items into a dry bag can ensure that won’t happen. If they don’t already have one, we suggest gifting your boater a dry bag where they can stow their keys, knives, lighters, sunglasses, wallets, etc. 

6. Binoculars 

Binoculars are something that should be on every helm. Your boater can use them to look for debris in the water, gauge the distance to/from targets, or watch the fisherman next to him reel in some big ones!

7. GoPro Camera

A GoPro is the ultimate outdoorsman’s camera. Why? Well, it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

Not only that, but its waterproof capabilities allow it to film wherever your boater takes it. Strap it onto wakeboarders, fishermen, and swimmers, then watch the magic happen.  

8. Boat Scuff Erasers

Boat scuff erasers make for phenomenal stocking stuffers. They are uber-strong and great for cleaning up dirt, mildew, and other boat stains. Most brands activate with water and are safe to use on vinyl, leather, and Gelcoat. 

9. Floating Key Fob

Floating key fobs are another great stocking stuffer for boaters. As you can probably imagine, these are ideal for friends prone to losing their keys. (And anyone likely to drop them overboard.) There are many design options, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one they’ll love.

10. Custom Flags

Custom flags are one of the best gifts for new boaters. Not only do they jazz up a boat’s exterior, but the personal touch they add is priceless. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend using nautical symbols to spell out their boat or family name. 

11. Waterproof Playing Cards

Every boater needs a deck of playing cards in their rig. But what if you gifted them some that were waterproof? Lots of brands make waterproof versions of regular card decks. Or you can look for a waterproof version of their favorite specialty card game. 

New Boater Gift Guide

12. Floating Swimming Platform

Swimming pads make days out on the water just that much more fun. This is an especially great gift for boating families with young children. However, anyone will enjoy tying a platform to the back of their anchored boat and lounging in the sunshine. 

Conclusion: Buy an Item from Our New Boater Gift Guide

If you weren’t sure what to gift the boat owner or boating enthusiast in your life, we hope this new boater gift guide provided some inspiration. As experts in the boating industry, Discover Boating has all the tips and tricks for buying boats, accessories, and gear. Check out our boating blog for additional gift-giving guides and buying recommendations.