Brunch on a Boat: 3 Tips for Planning Your Brunch Cruise

Are you looking to take your boating excursions up a notch? Pack brunch! Having brunch on a boat is something that should be on every boater’s bucket list. And today’s blog post reveals precisely how to do it: 

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Boat Brunch Cruise

Ready to set sail on a brunch boat cruise? Here is everything you need to know:

1. Perfect Your Food Selection

When it comes to a successful boat brunch, planning is everything. We recommend choosing dishes that can be prepared ahead of time or with minimal work. Think of brunch on a boat like camping - preparation is key!

We recommend packing a cooler with brunch staples like eggs, cheese, and bread. Then, load up on general condiments and spices like salt, pepper, and hot sauce. And if you plan on catching some fish to eat, ensure you have the space and the tools to prepare it onboard. 

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Brunch On a Boat

Salads are some of our favorite brunch dishes to bring on board because they’re super easy to prepare and require minimal ingredients and supplies. (And any fresh fish you catch will taste delicious on top.)

If charcuterie is more your thing, pack a box of your favorite crackers and some blocks of cheese. Also, boxes of fresh berries make scrumptious desserts. 

Note: Whenever possible, it’s easier to prepare meals ahead of time and reheat them on board.

2. Get the Right Supplies

Preparing brunch on a boat might seem like an impossible feat; unless you have the proper supplies. We recommend investing in a boat grill or a small Coleman stove if you need to cook your food. Additionally, you’ll need to bring a cooler on board to stow your perishables. 

Remember to bring enough cutlery, plates, cups, and napkins for everyone on board. However, stay away from any glassware. Broken glass threatens to cut both upholstery and skin – and either will likely end your boating excursion early. 

3. Set the Mood

Half the fun of planning a brunch for your friends or family is perfecting the ambiance. We recommend curating a killer boat playlist in advance to elevate your boat brunch to the next level. Then, stock up on plenty of games/cards, waterproof cameras, and anything else you think would make the day successful!

Brunch Boat Cruises

Don’t have a boat? And don’t necessarily feel like renting? Here are some epic brunch boat cruises for you to try: 

1. Marina del Rey Premier Brunch Cruise

The Marina del Rey Premier Brunch Cruise welcomes you aboard with a bottomless glass of champagne. Then, your friends and family enjoy a chef-inspired buffet with a world-class selection of wine and classic cocktails. Of course, this brunch boat cruise isn’t complete without live entertainment and breathtaking views of Southern California’s luxury beaches.

Learn more about the Marina del Rey Premier Brunch Cruise.

2. Portland Spirit Brunch Cruise

The Portland Spirit Brunch Cruise advertises that “brunch is better on a boat!” This two-hour cruise features a buffet of locally sourced breakfast and lunch dishes that are freshly prepared on board. Of course, there’s also champagne, mimosas, live piano music, and breathtaking views.

Learn more about the Portland Spirit Brunch Cruise

3. City Cruises Signature Brunch Cruise on Lake Michigan

City Cruises boasts an all-inclusive brunch package featuring a chef-prepared meal, full bar options, and entertainment that’s customized to you. With climate-controlled interior and open-air deck options, there’s something suitable for every patron.

Learn more about City Cruises Signature Brunch Cruise on Lake Michigan

4. Steamboat Natchez Sunday Jazz Cruise with Brunch Option

Brunch is a New Orleans staple, and the Steamboat Natchez Sunday Jazz Cruise with Brunch Option does it right.

This two-hour Mississippi River cruise features traditional live jazz from The Steamboat Stompers (aka some of the most talented musicians in the genre). And, of course, there is a drool-worthy brunch selection served buffet-style. 

Learn more about the Steamboat Natchez Sunday Jazz Cruise with Brunch Option

5. Yacht StarShip Clearwater Brunch Buffet Cruises

The Yacht StarShip in Clearwater, Florida, provides the ultimate weekend brunch experience. There is an option to sip on bottomless mimosas, and the specially prepared brunch has something for every palate. After eating, head to the upper deck for dancing and DJ entertainment as you take in the views of Tampa Bay.

Learn more about the Yacht StarShip Clearwater Brunch Buffet Cruise

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t yet had brunch on a boat, we hope today’s blog post inspired you. As your one-stop shop for boating resources, how-to guides, and excursion ideas, Discover Boating has everything you need to make the most of the nautical lifestyle. 

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