Boating Myths

Everyone knows that boating is fun, but some people who are interested in taking it up, hold back because of myths that they’ve heard about boating. In fact, boating is easy, flexible and affordable, so I’m going to discuss a few of those myths and separate fact from fiction.

MYTH: Boating is expensive.
Boating is affordable and there’s a boat for every age, lifestyle and budget.
• Most people don’t realize how affordable boating is: in some instances, you can buy a brand new boat financed for around $250.00 a month, like a car.
• Boats provide tax deductible and cost effective second homes. Interest on a boat loan can be deducted if the boat has a galley, berth and head.
• Visit a boat show to see what boating products are available and line up the best deals. 

MYTH: Boating takes up time I can’t afford.
It’s true like never before - everyone is so... busy. But boating is totally flexible - your family can use a boat as much or as little as you wish. Your boat is ready to go whenever you are. That means you can mesh your boating fun with your busy schedule. Try that with a ball game, soccer league or tee-off time at a golf club. Spending time with your family on a boat really is quality time. Activities on the water can include fishing, water-skiing, tubing, and much more. Sharing the fun with friends makes it even better!

MYTH: There’s too much involved in maintaining a boat.
If you have a modern boat, there is very little maintenance required. All it takes is filling it up with gas - just as you do with a car - and some preventative maintenance your dealer will do at a minimal cost. Before a boat is stored for the winter it requires an oil change and cleaning - that’s it! Boating is a great activity, particularly for the family.

MYTH: Kids think boating is boring.
Boating is anything but boring. With boating you can take part in a whole list of exciting activities, including water-skiing, fishing, island hopping, lakeside picnicking, swimming, and tubing. Exploring beautiful waterways and geography is perfect by boat. Besides, it’s a great way to spend quality time with the members of your family. Take your family and friends out for an adventure they’ll remember.

MYTH: Towing and hauling a boat is a hassle.
If you have a trailer for your boat, you simply have to back the trailer into the water and let the boat float right in! It’s as easy as that. If you don’t have one, your dealer will fit a proper boat trailer to your boat. You can pull most boats and trailers with an ordinary family vehicle.

MYTH: Boat rentals are expensive.
In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Rentals are very reasonable. On top of this, many launch ramps run by local municipalities are free, and there are certainly many to choose from. And once you’re out on the water, the sun, fresh air and smiles are free.

MYTH: Driving a boat is complicated.
If you know how to drive a car, driving a boat is just as simple. You steer a boat in the direction you wish to go, with an automotive-style wheel. Rather than a gas pedal to determine the speed at which you ride, a boat’s speed is controlled by a easy-to-operate lever control. Just like driving on the road, safe boat operation requires you to be alert, careful and responsible, and to learn certain rules.


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