Discover Boating Safety Basics Video Series | Presented with Progressive® Insurance

When it comes to boating, following safety protocols is key to a successful day on the water! In our boating safety videos, presented with Progressive® Insurance, you’ll learn how to enjoy stress-free, fun-filled boating adventures.

Know Your Navigation Lights

Discover essential safety tips for using your navigation lights during nighttime boat rides, inclement weather, and times of reduced visibility. This video provides valuable insights, including understanding and adhering to navigation light rules and regulations, the proper use of various navigation lights, the importance of regular maintenance, and how to learn more about your boat’s navigation lights.

Master Boat Trailering Like a Pro

Discover the essentials of boat trailering safety with "Master Boat Trailering Like a Pro." Learn vital tips like adhering to weight capacity guidelines, securing loose equipment, and achieving proper loading and balance. By following these expert tips, you'll be prepared for a safe and enjoyable boating adventure. Get ready to hit the road with confidence and ensure safety is always your top priority!

Sit and Swim Safely While Boating

Discover the ins and outs of safe boating practices with 'Follow Safe Seating Protocols: How to Sit and Swim Safely While Boating.' We cover crucial safety tips, like refraining from jumping off moving boats, never swimming around moving boats, and staying alert to carbon monoxide risks. By following these tips, you and your crew will be ready for a day of on-water fun, with safety as the top priority!

Refuel Your Boat Responsibly

Learn how to refuel your boat safely with key tips such as using the sniff method to detect leaks, unloading passengers before refueling, selecting the right fuel for your boat, and more. It's all about keeping everyone, including our waterways, safe and sound.

Keep Your Dog Safe on the Water

Discover must-know boating safety tips that every dog owner should follow. From the importance of pet life jackets to boarding best practices, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to boat safely with your furry first mate.

Boat Passenger Etiquette

Learn the essential rules that every boat passenger should follow to keep everyone safe, and ensure you’ll be invited on your crew’s next boating adventure!

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