Discover Boating Safety Basics Video Series | Presented with Progressive® Insurance

When it comes to boating, following safety protocols is key to a successful day on the water! In our five-episode Discover Boating Safety Basics series, presented with Progressive® Insurance, you’ll learn how to be a responsible boat passenger, prepared boat captain, safely enjoy water sports, and more. Understanding the must-know boating safety basics allows you to enjoy stress-free, fun-filled days on the water!

Keep Your Dog Safe on the Water

Discover must-know boating safety tips that every dog owner should follow. From the importance of pet life jackets to boarding best practices, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to boat safely with your furry first mate.

Boat Passenger Etiquette

Learn the essential rules that every boat passenger should follow to keep everyone safe, and ensure you’ll be invited on your crew’s next boating adventure!

Celebrate Safely On a Boat

Discover essential tips for enjoying your next celebration on the water while prioritizing safety, including having a designated sober driver, wearing a life jacket, staying properly hydrated, and following other crucial safety measures.

Boat Captain's Duties

Learn how to be a prepared boat captain that keeps their crew safe on every boating journey. Taking a boating safety course, driving at a responsible speed, and following navigation rules are just a few of the responsibilities you'll need to master before getting out on the water.

Watersport Essentials

Discover essential safety guidelines for thrilling watersports like tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Learn the importance of spotters, USCG approved life jackets, hand signals, and more to ensure safety for all participants and boaters.

Capacity and Carriage Requirements

Discover the crucial capacity and carriage requirements that are essential for every boating voyage. This safety checklist will guide you in ensuring you have all the necessary items on board without overloading your boat, making your next boating journey safe and worry-free.

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