How to Trim a Boat: Trimming Your Boat in 5 Simple Steps

Knowing what it means to trim a boat and how to trim it properly will improve its performance and fuel economy. Trim is simply the running angle of the boat as it makes way in the water; when we adjust the trim, we raise or lower the bow (the front of the boat).

How to Calculate a Boat's Propeller Pitch & Why It Matters

What is propeller pitch, and why it is important? Our experts walk through the basics of "prop pitch," and explain exactly how to calculate it to enhance engine performance for every day use.


Choosing the Right Oil for Your Boat

The design of marine gasoline engines, both two- and four-stroke, have advanced to the point where higher output engines place severe demands on engine lubricants. Likewise, concern over pollution has increased fuel/oil ratios, which, in turn, increase lubricant requirements.