Maintenance Tips

Maintenance tips on some of the most important items on your boat.

Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance

Maintaining your boat and even doing small repairs yourself isn’t as tough as you might think—a little diligence and a lot of common sense can definitely pay off in the long run.

Cleaners, Waxes, Polishes

One of the less glamorous aspects of boat ownership is giving your pride and joy a bath on a regular basis. Even if your boat spends most of its life on the trailer or if it sits patiently at the dock, somehow airborne particles, leaves, bugs and sundry other stuff seems to collect on those once-pristine decks at an alarming rate.

Enclosure Disclosures

By far, some of the hardest working gear aboard a boat is its fabric and clear vinyl enclosures. On the job 24/7, an enclosure endures sun, air pollution, rain, salt spray and bird droppings while protecting you, your vessel and your equipment from the harsh marine environment. The protection afforded by a good enclosure can also extend your boating season and allow you to get more use and value from your boat.