Maintenance Tips

Check your batteries
If corrosion is present, use a battery terminal brush or an ordinary small wire brush to clean corrosion off terminals and connectors. Check water level (if not a maintenance-free battery). If it is low, top off, using distilled water only.

Check your boat trailer tires
Check your trailer tires’ air pressure. Make sure they are in the range specified by the manufacturer. Inspect for excessive wear or damage. Replace if necessary.

Reduce boat trailer corrosion
If you launch your trailerable boat in salt water, rinse every part of the trailer with fresh water after each use. Periodically grease your wheel bearings to displace water and prevent bearings from freezing up.

Waterpumps/raw water impellers
If your boat is powered by an outboard or sterndrive, check your owner’s manual for proper annual maintenance.

Gearlube/oil change
If your boat is powered by an outboard or sterndrive, change the gear lube in the lower unit at least once a year. If your boat has an inboard, sterndrive or four-stroke outboard, change the oil in the block according to the manufacturer’s specifications-usually once every 100 hours of use (about the yearly average).

Washing and waxing
After each use, you should wash your boat with fresh water and a biodegradable soap. If you own a fiberglass boat that has gelcoat finish, you should wax your hull at least once every six months.

Fuel lines and hoses
Regularly check all fuel lines and clamps for leaks or damage. Replace as necessary. Check oil lines and clamps in the same manner.

How to get more tips
Read your owner’s manuals for engines, boats and trailers. Look for articles in your favorite boating magazines. Go to

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