Why are Boat Shows held in the Middle of Winter?

Why are Boat Shows held in the Middle of Winter?
When looking at the Michigan boat show calendar, you see there are a significant number of boat shows within the first quarter of the year and many might wonder, “Why hold a boat show in the dead of winter?” That question comes up often especially from folks in Michigan – who are usually battling snow and ice and thinking about hot chocolate not hot weather during the winter boat show season. 
There are numerous reasons to attend a winter show and all it takes is one or two reasons to motivate you to get your family and/or friends together and head to the show of your choice
  • Winter shows are popular because they offer the right timing when purchasing a new boat. Ordering early allows you to select features, colors and options and still ensure delivery by spring launch time. If you wait, you may not find the model and/or options you prefer.
  • Marine businesses are motivated to make sales at boat shows. They have ordered their new-model year boats and motors and want to sell inventory during the winter months. Many offer special show pricing and manufacturer incentives. Generally, this is also a great time to make a deal on new previous year models in inventory. 
  • Be the first to see new and innovative product just introduced. Many new designs or creative new products are launched during winter shows.
  • Attending a boat show is the most productive method to physically see hundreds of boats, trailers, motors, boating accessories, marine services, gifts, destinations, etc. in a shorter period of time with the least amount of expense. Think of the time and money you would spend to visit each of the boat dealers and marinas individually. At a boat show you can see it all under one roof.
  • If you are considering boating as a recreational option, boat shows offer a tremendous learning experience for new boaters through exhibitor’s products and services. Be sure to attend a boat show that has a Discover Boating exhibit where you can get unbiased help in making the right decisions for your boat purchase. 
  • Winter boat shows offer a taste of summer during our coldest Michigan months. Walk into the show and feel the warmth, see the boats, hear the music, experience the special attractions and participate in the promotions. Make the boat show your winter rendezvous to meet up with boating friends and get a mid-winter taste of summer fun to come.



Content courtesy of Michigan Boating Industries Association.
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