Wakesurf Like a (Country Music) Star

As a lifelong boater, Jake Owen lives and loves the boating lifestyle. From fishing to watersports, Jake’s affinity for the water is hard to match. Of all his on-the-water activities, Jake says wakesurfing is one of his favorite things to do and has a few tips for those looking to get started and catch some wake.

Turn Up the Tunes
Bring a “Beachin’” vibe to the water with you by loading up a playlist before you leave. A day on the water needs music! Can’t decide what you want to listen to? Here’s a start.

Figure Out Your Feet
Before testing your skills, put your best foot forward – literally. Which foot do you kick a ball with? Place this foot forward on the board. If you surf or snowboard, it’s similar to that stance.

Use a Shorter Rope
Jake suggests using a shorter rope or buying a wakesurfing rope, which is usually thinner for a beginner because it makes it easier to get up on the water.

Let the Boat Do the Work
Let the boat pull YOU up. When your body is out of the water, stand up, but keep a slight bend in your knees.


Mind the Edge
Once you’re up and start trailing the boat, be sure to keep the front of your board’s edge above the water. Easy as pie.

See Jake in action – watch his Stories of Discovery video.

Go on, give it a try, and share your wakesurfing tips below.

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