Start planning for next summer, NOW!

What can boaters do to help them through the long wait for the next boating season? If your boat comes out of the water shortly after Labor Day, there are many things you can do to get through the long six months before you see your boat again. Planning now for next season can ensure you’re ready to get out on the water as soon as next year’s boating season begins.

  • First, while your summer fun is fresh in your mind, put together a list of things you wish you’d had this summer and start your holiday wish list. Three months from now when the ground’s covered with snow you may not remember that you longed for a new fishing reel or wakeboard this summer, or that you really need new seat cushions or a fire extinguisher. During the holidays, new boating and fishing gear will remind you of the boating fun to come next summer.
  • Next, check out the many boating magazines available and consider subscribing. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on new and interesting products and services, as well as stay in the boating mode each month. There are many titles to choose from; many focus on specific interests such as fishing, cruising, and/or wakeboarding and skiing. At least three magazines cater specifically to Great Lakes boaters, including Lakeland Boating, Great Lakes Boating Magazine, and Great Lakes Scuttlebutt.
  • Go to a boat show—even if you aren’t in the market for a new boat. Boat shows offer a taste of summer in the middle of winter and are the best place for anyone who loves boating to get up to speed on new products and services. In fact, with hundreds of exhibitors under one roof, a boat show is an ideal place to gear up with the latest in marine electronics and accessories. Of course if you are in the market for a boat, there’s no better place to shop and compare models than at a boat show. You can also meet-up with fellow boaters, plan next summer’s excursions, arrange for summer docking, check out fishing seminars and more—there really is something for everyone. Michigan hosts many boat shows including the prestigious Detroit Boat Show at Cobo Center. For schedules and a complete list of Michigan boat shows, visit
  • And finally, make a list of all the people to share the joys of boating with and make a resolution to get them out on the water next summer. Boating is a terrific way to bond with family and friends. It is a gift that should be shared. The memories and smiles you make next summer will help carry you through the next six months of winter.

Shared by MBIA with permission.

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