Saltwater Fishing Rigs

Two-Hook Bottom Fishing Rig

Consisting of two dropper lines with bait hooks placed above a sinker, the bottom rig is used to catch anything from grunts or snapper to giant grouper. Use a leader of 10- to 20-pound monofilament for smaller fish and a 30- to 100-pound leader for big fish.

Three-way Rig

This one-hook setup is arranged with a three-way swivel tied to a short leader for the bait hook and a longer leader for the weight. The rig allows natural or artificial baits to suspend just above the bottom when tight line fishing, drifting or trolling.

Carolina Rig

The setup for this rig starts with a sliding weight and glass bead slipped on the main line above a swivel attached to a short leader and light wire gauge hook. A floating soft plastic bait works best on the rig, which is effective for inshore, bay and backwater species.

Popping cork

A float with a cupped face that can be homemade with beads and leader material or purchased pre-rigged. The float makes popping or splashing noises to attract redfish and seatrout to the bait (live minnows and shrimp or soft plastics) attached to the back of the rig.

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