Saltwater Fishing Knots

Uni Knot

A dependable knot for tying monofilament and fluorocarbon lines to lures, snaps and swivels. The knot can be completed in three steps: 1) Running line through the hook eye to form a loop; 2) Turning the line five times around the loop; 3). Pulling the tag end tight.

Blood Knot

A favorite knot for fly fishing primarily used to join two lines of similar size. The knot is tied by overlapping two lines and twisting one around the other seven times and bringing the tag end between the lines. Repeat the process with the other line wrapping in the opposite direction and then pull the tag lines in opposite directions.

Bimini Twist or Albright Knot

A versatile knot for tying together two different types of lines or similar lines with different diameters. Start the knot by passing the lighter line through a loop of the heavier line and wrap the light line 10 times over itself and the loop. Feed the tag end though the loop, slide the wraps on the heavy line to the end of the loop and tighten the light line to cinch the knot.

Dropper Loop

A knot for attaching additional flies or baits to a single line. Steps for this knot are: 1) Form a loop in the line, pass line through one side of the loop and make five wraps to create a new loop; 2)Push the bottom of the original loop through the new opening and pull both ends in opposite directions; 3) Pull ends of the line evenly until loop stands out from the line.

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