Keep America Fishing: The Voice of the American Angler

Visit KeepAmericaFishingTM to learn how you can play an active role in keeping our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams open to recreational fishing now and for generations to come.

You can start by taking the KeepAmericaFishingTMEthical Angler Pledge:

  • Know and follow the state and federal fishing regulations and boating laws
  • Keep only what is permitted by state or federal regulations
  • Keep what I plan to eat or share with family and friends
  • Keep fishing areas trash-free
  • Handle with care all the fish that I release
  • Take all precautionary measures necessary to prevent the spread of invasive species, including live baitfish into non-native habitats
  • Respect private property and not trespass on private land or water
  • Treat other anglers, boaters and recreational users with courtesy and respect
  • Discard all unusable fishing tackle, such as line, hooks and sinkers, in proper trash receptacles and never dump into the water or shore

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