It’s a fish! It’s a hot tub! It’s a BOAT?!

If the unique, unusual or out-of-the-ordinary really floats your boat, check out this collection of surprisingly “sea-worthy” vessels.


Ever watch a dolphin, sailfish or other sea creature swim, dive and jump in the ocean—and wish you could experience that kind of freedom in the water? You can in a Seabreacher! This amazing watercraft reaches speeds of up to 55mph on the surface, dives at 20mph and leaps up to 20 feet out of the water. Learn more

Molokini—Transparent Canoe 

Do you prefer to keep your marine adventures on top of the water? Grab a paddle and climb aboard this polycarbonate canoe built for two to enjoy a bow to stern view of the world under the water.  Learn more


Hot Tug

In most cases, if your boat is filled with water you have a problem. Not if it’s a Hot Tug—the world’s first floating hot tub! Learn more

BBQ Donut Boat
If you’re idea of summer fun includes boating, barbecuing and picnicking—we have the perfect boat for you! Learn more