Freshwater Fishing Rigs

Still Fishing Rig

A rig that allows an angler to present bait vertically at various depths. The most commonly used rig consists of a float or bobber attached to the line above a split shot and baited hook. Bobber placement on the line determines how deep the rig will be fished.

Drift Fishing Rig

Two of the most common drift fishing rigs are a sliding sinker placed on the main line followed by a swivel and leader attached to a bait hook or a three-way swivel tied to the main line with two dropper lines for a sinker and bait hook.

Live Lining Rig

A bait rig with a slip sinker, swivel, leader line and hook or a swivel leader line and hook without any weight that allows a live or prepared bait to stay just off the bottom as it drifts with the current through holes and rocks.

Trolling Rig

Rigs consisting of weights and/or planer boards to hold lures at desired depths while trolling. Various sizes and shapes of weights can be used for trolling live baits and lures.

Umbrella rig

This lure is essential three or more lures ganged together and resemble the frame of an umbrella. A central lead head with an array of wire arms for soft plastic baits appears as a school of baitfish in the water. It is effective for trolling for stripers and many other fish, but is prohibited from most fishing tournaments.

Bottom Bouncing Fishing Rig

A rig featuring an inverted “L” shaped wire with a weight and snap swivel attached. When trolled, the rig remains vertical and allows the live bait or a lure to stay above the bottom while the wire makes contact with the bottom to create an erratic action.

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