Combat Corrosion

Written by Steve Dougherty  

Corrosion Fighting Tips:

  • When replacing hardware, properly seal screws and bolts with a high-quality marine compound.
  • Periodically check the wiring on your vessel for nicks or damaged sections. If you find any corrosion peel back the insulation and replace the damaged section, or replace the entire wire all together.
  • If you have any scratches on your outboard motor or lower-unit, it is highly recommended that you immediately touch-up the chipped paint to avoid the spread of rust.
  • Proper grounding of your electrical systems can help to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • If you find a scratch in your stainless-steel hardware, gently smooth it out with a fine-grit sand paper and metal polish.
  • Routinely check your sacrificial anodes and replace when more than 50-percent gone.
  • If you notice rust stains near any screws or fittings, it is likely that saltwater has seeped beneath the hardware.


Shared with Permission by FloridaSportFishing.


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