Cleaning Equipment/Tools

Cleaning your boat’s pretty much a low-tech proposition, right? Tear up a couple of old T-shirts, grab a bucket out of the garage, drag the garden hose out to the driveway and you’re in business—maybe. We’d guess that after a couple of hours, the T-shirt rags are completely worn out and that your arm’s ready to fall off from the swishing and scrubbing. Amazing how much surface area there is on a boat—even a small boat seems as big as barn when you’re washing it by hand.
Ever hear of the phrase “the right tool for the right job”? Bet you’d be interested in an easier way to wash your boat—let’s take a look at what’s available to ease your burden….
One of our favorite multi-purpose boat tools is the telescoping boat hook with an interchangeable end. Simply unscrew the hook and thread on a scrub brush and—voila—your boat hook is now a handy-dandy, long-handled scrub brush. You’d be amazed at the marine hygienic feats you can attain with a brush head on your boat hook. Swabbing the decks and hull sides is almost fun with this setup.
Try the boathook/brush on your minivan or pick-up truck—it works great.
How about using the high-pressure spray wand (on the garden hose) that you use to wash your car on your boat? Just put some boat-friendly detergent in the dispenser, crank up the spigot and spray your cares away. Be careful around windows, vents, through-hull fittings, and especially your registration decal—don’t want to blast these potentially delicate items too much.
Speaking of pressure—avoid using an electric or gas-powered pressure washer on your boat—it’s just too much power and you’re likely to blow things apart that you really didn’t intend to.
If your boat has broad, flat sides, you might want to try using a squeegee (instead of a chamois) to wipe water spots off the hull sides. This trick doesn’t work on some boats, but it’s worth a try.