There is a new technology out there that you should know about if you are thinking about buying a boat. You will likely hear a lot more about it in the future. People looking to cruise with their boat will be especially excited about the new technology. This new technology and service utilizes satellite technology making boating safer, more secure, and easier than ever. In this boating guy’s opinion, you’ll be able to travel farther, explore new destinations and have real peace of mind while on the water.

The technology, introduced by Volvo Penta, is called Sea Key. It is satellite-based telematics - and we field tested the product and service during our Boat Across America Tour in June. Sea Key will initially be available on new boats this winter, but Volvo Penta plans to have an aftermarket product ready for this coming summer - 2003.

Using a series of devices that operate in conjunction with satellites and a land based help center, SeaKey can monitor your boat when you’re onboard or off of the boat. This can come in very handy in the following scenarios as you are cruising: medical emergencies offshore, running out of fuel, running aground, mechanical malfunctions, getting lost, running into bad weather; and the following scenarios whether you are on the boat or at home: loss of battery power, taking on water, your boat is stolen, concierge services (marina restaurant reservations, etc.)...

Utilizing the satellites, the SeaKey creates a constant connection from your boat to the on land help center - and you.