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Consumer Commitment

A new boat is an investment that will bring you and your family years of fun. Be sure to buy it from a dealership that has invested in making sure you will enjoy every one of those years. Choose a Marine Industry Certified Dealership.

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program is a voluntary process. Dealerships that earn Marine Industry Certification have made a commitment to your complete satisfaction. They also pledge to post and abide by a Marine Industry Consumer Commitment that ensures fair and equal treatment for every single customer. Dealers who have reached the highest level of Certification are considered Five Star Marine Industry Certified Dealers. They must demonstrate to a third party reviewer that they meet or exceed program standards in key areas, including customer service, employee satisfaction, facility and business practices. They must commit to follow up with 100 percent of their customers. And to confirm their dedication, they are re-certified every two years.

Your Marine Industry Certified Dealership will help you choose the right boat for your lifestyle and your needs, maintain your boat and provide service when it’s needed. To find a participating dealership, look for the Marine Industry Certified Dealership logo.

Certified Dealer Badge

Buying from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

The Marine Industry Dealership Certification Program is designed to ensure that buying and maintaining a boat are pleasant experiences. When you visit a Marine Industry Certified Dealership, you can feel confident you're choosing a business that is committed to your satisfaction, both in terms of product and service. You can expect: 

  • Friendly, knowledgeable employees
  • Quality products
  • Reliable service

To become Marine Industry Certified*, a dealership must demonstrate its commitment to excellence by meeting high standards in several key areas:

  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Professional sales/service processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee training/satisfaction

Benefits of Buying from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

  • A marine industry Consumer Commitment
  • Assurance of dealership's commitment to excellence
  • Guaranteed opportunity to provide feedback and resolve issues
*If you are a dealer and would like to be listed on Discover Boating, click here to learn more about becoming a Certified Dealership. If you are a Marine Industry Certified Dealership and do not see your dealership listed, contact the MRAA.

Consumer Commitment


Certified Dealer Badge

 Our dealership believes in the tenets of the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program set forth in this Consumer Commitment. Established jointly by the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and the National Marine Manufacturers Association, these principles are established to ensure you and enjoyable boating experience. We seek to enhance that experience by providing trained, friendly employees, quality products and reliable services. As part of our desire to continuously make improvements, please let us know if we should fail on our commitment or if you do not understand any information provided to you.

At our dealership, you should expect:

  • Sales

    • The assistance of a capable and knowledgeable sales consultant
    • Advertising and representations are truthful and factual
    • A written disclosure of all details associated with a purchase
    • An explanation of the proper usage and operation of products
    • Products properly prepared, inspected and tested before delivery
    • The delivery of new products as scheduled
    • An explanation of all maintenance requirements and schedules established for your product
    • An explanation and written copies of warranties on all products and major components
  • Service

    • The explanation of maintenance/repair plans including estimated repair time and cost
    • An itemized list of all charges with thorough explanation
    • Prior approval of changes in repair costs or additional charges should they occur
    • Maintenance/repair work done right the first time by knowledgeable, trained technicians
    • Maintenance/repair work completed when promised
    • Timely notice of changes in service delivery time if delays are experienced in repair completion
    • Inspection of replaced/damaged components upon presentation of the invoice/work order
  • Operations

    • Fair, open and honest treatment without discrimination
    • Respectful, professional and accurate responses to all product questions and requests
    • Privacy and confidentiality of customer records

This is our commitment to you. You should expect a higher standard of professionalism when working with us. Please hold us accountable to that expectation.

Choosing the Right Dealer

While you’re comparing boats, don’t forget that the dealer you decide to do business with will have a huge impact on your boat-buying and -ownership experience. Depending on your location, there might be only one who carries the model of boat you really want. However, if you’re torn between two or three models from different brands and different dealers, the quality of the dealership and its staff may well sway your decision.

Some points of comparison are relatively easy to figure out. For instance, if you are partial to an engine make, a dealer who services that engine might rank higher than another dealer — and we would advise selecting the boat based upon some local ability to get your boat serviced by factory-trained personnel. Other factors — such as customer service and commitment to the brand of boat you’d like to purchase, and more — can be harder to determine.

Here are some elements to look for at the dealership to identify dealers who are more likely to enhance your buying experience:

Does the store staff seem happy? And do you like the staff? If you find that people in the store are attentive, engaging and genuinely happy to see you, it bodes well for the future. Plus, it’s always nice to work with people you like and, unlike a traditional retail interaction, a boat dealership is one business that you’ll likely develop an ongoing relationship with.

Check it out on the internet. If the positive reports far outweigh the critical posts, it’s likely a good reflection of their overall customer service.

Talk with existing customers and local boaters. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. You’d expect the same during a job interview. And if you have friends, neighbors or co-workers who have recently purchased a boat, see how they felt about their dealership experience.

Is the staff prompt in returning phone calls and emails? A salesperson’s willingness to work with you by phone or email is a great timesaver and a positive sign for the future. Make sure to ask for an email confirmation of any agreements or details worked out by phone.

Has the dealership been certified or received any industry awards or local community accolades? A Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) has made a commitment to putting customers first. It begins with the Consumer Bill of Rights setting the bar to provide outstanding and ever-improving customer sales and service experience. If a dealership participates in the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program and has received CSI awards, it is a good sign that it has a culture of top-quality customer care. Boating Industry’s Top 100 dealer list includes some of the most customer-centric dealers in the country. Community involvement is also a sign the dealership has a customer-first organizational focus.

Are the yard and showroom clean and organized? That is usually an attribute of a well-run organization and indicator how they’ll care for you and your boat after the sale.

Talk to the service manager. Again you are looking for pleasant, helpful people and a relatively clean, organized shop. You want to know that your boat is in good hands when it comes time for maintenance.

Does the service department hold manufacturer certifications? Many engine manufacturers offer certification programs designed to keep dealer-based mechanics up to date on the latest technology.

Is the dealership conveniently located to where your boat will live? Choosing a dealer far from the location where you plan to keep your boat is a huge disadvantage. A good practice is to purchase your boat from the dealership you plan to have it serviced. It will be much more convenient and ensure you’ll get the high level of after-the-sale service you deserve. Additionally, a dealer who will come to your marina or dock to service and repair the boat in the water is an even greater benefit.


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