7 Reasons to Purchase a Center Console Boat

On the hunt for a new boat? If so, allow us to introduce you to center consoles. These popular vessels are ideal for first-time boaters, seasoned fishermen, and everyone in between. 

Want to know why? Keep reading! Our Discover Boating team is revealing the benefits of a center console boat in today’s blog post. Stay tuned to discover if this boat model is suitable for you. 

What Is a Center Console Boat?

So, what is a center console boat anyways? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Center console boats have a steering station located in the boat’s center, with ample deck space and seating surrounding it. Thanks to its 360° accessibility, center console boats are ideal for anglers. However, they also have stereo systems, swim platforms, USB ports, cupholders, coolers, and many other features that make them desirable for families and first-time boaters.  

Advantages of a Center Console Boat

Debating whether a center console boat is right for you? Allow us to help. Here are some advantages of a center console boat: 

1. Accessibility to the Water

Center console boats’ design allows easy access to their stern, bow, and sides, making them a terrific choice for anglers. (If you’ve ever hooked a big one, you quickly discover that fish don’t care whether you prefer one side of the boat to the other.) Unlike side-based consoles, these rigs offer 360° casting and reeling, making them ideal for large fishing groups and stubborn catches.  

2. Storage and Space

Center console boats are incredibly easy to maneuver – without sacrificing storage space! Most have forward, central, and aft storage in useable and functional spaces. And from bait wells to coolers to rod storage, these spacious vessels house anything you’d like to bring aboard. 

3. Safety

If you’re new to boating, center console boats are a tremendously safe, family-friendly option. Because the captain has an extensive view, it’s easy to ensure that everyone on board is safe. Of course, it’s also easy to locate any obstructions in the water or problems up ahead. 

4. Balance

The balance is a significant — yet often overlooked — advantage of a center console boat. Having the right balance while cruising on top of the water affects your acceleration, handling, and top speed. And if you’re planning on cruising alone, the central steering station helps stabilize the boat. 

Center Console Picture

5. Versatility

Want to pull the kids on a toy tow? Or try your hand at water skiing? And cruise to a dine-and-dock restaurant? You can do all that and more atop your center console boat. In fact, one of the most significant benefits of a center console is its versatility. Not only are these fantastic fishing vessels, but they have everything needed for a full day on the water with friends and family. 

6. Maintenance Ease

The simplicity of center console boats makes maintaining them a breeze. A scrub brush, eco-friendly soap, and fresh water are all you need to keep this boat squeaky clean. 

7. Trailering Ability

Another advantage of a center console boat is its trailering ability. The logistical ease and low cost of moving a boat via trailer make it uber-easy to explore our continent’s fishing areas and waterways. And, of course, if you need help navigating the trailering process, the pros at Discover Boating are here for you. 

How to Load a Boat on a Trailer

Center Console Ownership Costs

Large, multi-engine center console boats cost as much as a house. However, there are plenty of options out there suitable to every budget. If you opt for a single-engine boat in the 20-foot range, expect to pay about as much as you would for a car.  

After purchasing your center console, fuel expenses make up most of the operational costs. And as you can imagine, these vary depending on how often you use your boat and how many engines you have.  

If you’re looking for a bit more bang for your buck, we recommend looking at aluminum center console boats. Because aluminum boats weigh less than their fiberglass counterparts, they are significantly more efficient. Therefore, they travel faster and farther on the same amount of power and fuel. 

Conclusion: Consider a Center Console Boat

Did these benefits of a center console boat convince you to purchase one of your own? Congratulations! From fishing expeditions to family outings, these popular boats are a fabulous introduction to the world of boating. 

If you are ready to take the plunge (literally) and buy a center console boat, the resources at Discover Boating are here for you. Our Boat Loan Calculator helps determine your potential financing options, and our Boat Dealer Finder enables you to find convenient shopping locations near you.  

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As always, keep checking in with the blog for more buying guides, maintenance tips, and ideas for on-the-water adventures!