Boat Safety Equipment

Our Boat Safety Equipment Checklist outlines a variety of safety gear that you must-have on your boat, and some that you should-have aboard. Stocking your boat with the required safety accessories as outlined by the U.S. Coast Guard is extremely important for not only the safety of those onboard, but also for the safety of other boaters. Required safety equipment includes life jackets and wearable personal floatation devices (or PFDs), throwable floatation devices like a cushion or ring buoy, fire extinguishers, visual signaling devices, and sound signaling devices. Regardless of how many years you’ve been boating, it’s always a smart idea to follow a Pre-Departure Checklist to ensure you have everything you need onboard before leaving the dock. Other boating safety equipment also includes anything from medical and first-aid kits, an emergency paddle or oar, a VHF radio, a flashlight, a diver down flag, and so much more.

Capacity and Carriage Requirements

Discover the crucial capacity and carriage requirements that are essential for every boating voyage. This safety checklist will guide you in ensuring you have all the necessary items on board without overloading your boat, making your next boating journey safe and worry-free.



Detectors (CO, Gas, Smoke)