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Ready to hit the water, but don’t know where to begin? You can find out where to fish and where to boat throughout the U.S. by using the interactive map below to search for the best places to fish, the best places to boat, local fishing spots, localized fishing maps, including top spot fishing maps and fishing lake maps. You can also learn more about species that can be catch in these bodies of water as well as places to buy fishing gear, licenses, equipment and more.


Ready to take the first step towards owning a boat of your very own? A great place to start is in determining exactly what type of boat will best fit the needs and wants of both yourself and those you plan to bring along for the ride. Those needs and wants are typically determined by what type of activities you want to pursue on the water. Luckily, our Boat Finder Tool can help narrow down your options.

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You say you want to generate some revenue with your boat? There are more ways to make that happen than you might think. Learn more about how to get involved with peer-to-peer boat rentals, chartering your boat for money, or becoming an on-water vendor. 

Does a little bit of snow or a chilly breeze mean the end of fishing has arrived for the year? Heck no! Follow these cold weather fishing tips for advice on choosing winter fishing gear, tactics for catching bass and other seasonal species, and safety.

It’s crucial to keep recreational boating safe and sustainable—and these five products will help you do your part. Learn more about how these companies are striving to make a difference with their products to help keep our waterways clean and clear of trash and debris.