Wakeskiing: 3 Quickies to Hittin’ It Right

By Todd Ristorcelli

To test the learning curve of how an avid wakeboarder/water skier would adapt to riding wake skis and popping off the wake, we enlisted Orlando resident Timmy Clinton. After a few pointers from Beauchler, Clinton actually looked pretty comfortable hitting the wakes. “Figuring out the edge and the proper way to turn them was a little challenging at first,” he says, “but toward the end of my set, it was fun.”

As a pro wake ski rider, Beauchler says trying new moves is all about having a vision. “You have to see yourself doing it and perfectly executing the moves,” he says. But before you dream too big about the endless variations of tricks you’ll be nailing, get started by learning the fundamentals of a solid wake jump.

  1. Standing in an upright position with your hips forward, keep your chest nice and proud. To ensure a solid body position, pretend you’re pinching a beer can between your shoulder blades. Edge out wide and turn in slowly on the balls of your feet with a progressive edge. Keep your legs together.
  2. As you edge up the wakes, try to stay on the balls of your feet. Relax! Keep your skis together and use them as one tool for maximum pop.
  3. As you leave the wake, keep your eyes on the horizon and maintain two hands on the handle through the entire jump. Letting go with one hand will increase the chances of getting pulled out of position. Once you’re in the air, you’re free to do whatever you want. Just remember to get those skis back together for the landing.

Shared with permission of WaterSki Magazine.

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