Utility Lights/Spotlights

Things can get pretty dark when you’re on the water at night; shedding a little light on the subject might help.
Utility Lights
12-volt floodlights positioned strategically around your boat can take a lot of the mystery out of tending lines or trying to bait a hook after nightfall. Utility lights are frequently mounted rather high (on a T-top or on the spreader bars) to cast their broad beams over the deck below.
Recently, some boaters have begun to install lights under the boat, the theory being that baitfish (and thus gamefish) are attracted to the underwater lights. We’re not sure if that train of thought actually works in practice, but it looks cool.
Typically, a spotlight is used to find an object in the dark (whereas utility lights illuminate the deck). For instance, with your spotlight, you can identify channel markers, locate your slip, or find a member of your crew who’s fallen overboard.
Spotlights range from hand-held units all the way up to permanently mounted, remotely-controlled  lights (that rotate and tilt) that you can manipulate from the helm station—an important consideration if you’re driving the boat by yourself.