Special Offers on Boating Magazines, Books and More


Hey There! Capt. Chris here!

I wanted to share with you this link to the “Special Offers” section on www.discoverboating.com. You can order a couple of free boating magazines to enjoy when you are sitting on the back bench of the boat or get some special deals on boating books and games.

I always leave my boating magazines in my office at work. Everyone comes in to check out the latest edition of their favorite sailing, yachting or fishing  magazine.

There are books for all skill levels and all ages. One of my daughter’s favorite books is “My First Picture Book of Boating Words”. We read the book all the time before bed. As for my son, his favorite book is “Bur Bur’s Boating ABC’s”. There are several great books on how to introduce fishing to your kids.

Even though I’ve been boating for years, I enjoy reading "Boating 101" or "Power Boating for Dummies" to brush up on a rule or two that may have changed.

Check out all these resources and let me know if there are any other great books, magazines, or games that should be added to the list.

See ya out on the water!

posted @ 7/28/2009 10:22 AM by Chris