Odyssey's Shipwreck! Pirates and Treasure

Embark on a quest for deep-ocean treasure! Odyssey’s SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure opened at the Detroit Science Center March 24, 2008 and runs through September 1, 2008. This fascinating exhibition will take you on an amazing journey 1,700 feet below the surface of the Atlantic to the wreck site of the SS Republic®, the greatest shipwreck treasure of the Civil War era. More than 50,000 gold and silver coins, and 14,000 artifacts, were recovered from the *Republic’s watery resting place by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2003.

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure features a wonderful blend of historic artifacts, sunken treasure and hands-on, educational, interactive elements that everyone can enjoy. Discover the compelling stories behind some of the world’s most famous shipwrecks, including those from the Great Lakes region, and their treasures and historical artifacts. Find out what it takes to be a deep-ocean explorer as you are immersed in the research, search, recovery and conservation process of deep-ocean treasure and artifacts. See priceless historical artifacts from the Republic, pilot a real robot submersible, immerse yourself in pirate lore, battle the forces of nature in a 75-mph hurricane tube and much more.


Content courtesy of Michigan Boating Industries Association