Light-Air Tips

Ideal conditions for sailors are very subjective but few would agrue the necessity of a nice breeze.  But what if there is no wind to be found?  Light Air is the term commonly used to describe when weather conditions barely offer enough wind to move a sailboat along.  All is not lost. Follow these tips and you’ll be moving in no time.

  1. When in doubt, heat it up slightly to increase the speed.
  2. Keep the spinnaker tip lower than you think.
  3. Communicate to the helmsman about the pressure in the sheet.
  4. Keep the crew weight low and forward (dogs down in the house).
  5. Keep it snug (foreguy, topping lift, and just enough backstay to keep the rig stable).
  6. Trim both sails equally (don’t ignore the mainsail)!
  7. Stay focused at the end of the run to ensure your rounding sets you up well for the first few minutes of the beat.

Shared with Permission from Sailing World’s June 2008 Issue. 


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