Featured Book-"First You Have to Row a Little Boat"

This book has appeal for boaters and non-boaters. Whenever I share boating with someone for the first time on my own boat, and teach them to sail, or paddle or ski, I share this book with them. "First You Have to Row a Little Boat" unfolds lessons learned on a boat from the point of view of someone who discovered boating at a young age and fell out of it because of the daily maintenance of a hectic life. His biggest regret is that he did not share boating with his own children early enough and missed out on one of the greatest aspects of boating - sharing it with those whom you care most about. Read this book to rediscover the lessons that you have learned on the water, and share it with your own star pupils.

You can buy this book and many other books for the boater at www.discoverboating.com.
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