Fall Maintenance

Hey There! Captain Chris Here! 
While at the marina last night I had a fellow boater ask me whether or not they should perform yearly maintenance such as oil changes, water pumps, fuel filters, etc. on their engines in the fall or in the spring. After speaking with several industry professionals, I have concluded that the fall is the best time for all your boat’s maintenance needs.
A couple of the many reasons that I was given are as follows:
·        The boat will be all set for the spring with only minor chores to do on the boat
·        While performing the routine maintenance, if you do identify an issue, you have all winter to address the issue. 
·        If you have water in the oil, lower unit gear lube or other various parts on your boat, you have a better chance of finding it and make sure that you do not have any freezing issues over the winter
When do you like to perform your yearly maintenance and why?