Edge It Out: 5 simple reminders for your onside turns

Follow these 5 simple reminders for your onside turns for safe and clean tricks.

By Jon Travers

1. Keep constant pressure on your back arm through the wakes and into your edge change. This will keep your direction going away from the buoy during your edge change.

2. Always keep your back arm straight as you change your edge. Pulling in your back arm brings you to a flat ski and you lose all the direction.

3. Make sure to change edge early to allow time to counter-rotate prior to the buoy.

4. As you release your right hand from the handle, bring your right elbow back as if you’re trying to touch your left shoulder blade. This counter-rotating keeps the rope tight through the turn.

5. Ski back to the handle and lower your body to complete the turn. Don’t pull on the rope and straighten your legs, as this will move you out of the center of the ski and out of the turn too soon.

Shared with permission of WaterSki Magazine.

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