Dad Knows Best – Especially on the Water


Father’s Day is on Sunday and the team here at Discover Boating decided to share some of the things our fathers taught us on the water. Check out some of our favorites below. Feel free to share any advice you got from your dad in the comments and happy Father’s Day!


“My Dad taught me how to sail, how to tie a bowline, how to properly coil and throw a line and how to listen to the wind.”                      -Freya Olsen


“My dad was forever taking us to boat and sport shows. It was a family tradition that was anticipated with much enthusiasm. His work had us move a lot, so we were regulars at the boat and sport shows in Iowa, San Francisco and Chicago. As we walked into each show, without fail my conservative dad would tell us all, “Remember we are only going to look and leave!” The result was my dad never owned a boat; however, out of his four children, three of us own and use multiple boats. Dad, thanks for teaching me to overcome sales objections and how to own and enjoy a boat. I hope you have a nice cruiser in heaven!” –  Mark Adams


“My dad taught us how to fish, how to be patient, and how important quality time is together” – Barbara Ronning



“I’d like to thank my father for introducing me to boating and teaching me when to be quiet at an early age. Although he never wanted much to do with the ocean after his Navy days of flying off the carrier Hancock, he loved lakes, rivers and fishing. My best memories are of floating down the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, learning to cast and be quiet along with my two brothers. We could watch the fish rise off the bottom to take our bait in the clear pools. It must have taken extreme patience to manage all those flailing lips, elbows, lines, poles and hooks.” – Mitch Perkins

“I learned how to fly-fish at a fairly young age thanks to my dad. To this day, when I’m casting, I can hear him saying, ‘10 o’clock2 o’clock.’  He also taught my siblings and I how to sail on Lake Michigan. He was always very good about warning all onboard to ‘prepare to come about.’ For the unfortunate ones who didn’t listen to this message, he’d always say ‘that’s why it’s called the boom.’” – Becca Doyle