Celebrate New York's 400th Anniversary

Join Discover Boating on the Water for Hudson River Day!

River Day is the official quadricentennial (400 years) celebration of the first European expedition up the Hudson River, one of our country’s most historic waterways. Help commemorate its past, celebrate the present and preserve its future while kicking off summer boating season!
Event Details:
WHO: Recreational boaters, including members of boat and yacht clubs in and around Manhattan and along the Hudson River.
WHAT: Relay Flotilla – Recreational boats from around the New York region are invited to sail around the tip of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty to be led up the Hudson River by historic flagship boats. Along the way, boaters will be welcomed by the various boating clubs that line the Hudson River. Each club will send their members out to continue the relay, tracing Henry Hudson’s path to Albany. The flagships leading the way will be the Onrust, Clearwater, Shearwater, Mystic Whaler, Woody Guthrie and Half Moon.
WHEN: Saturday, June 6 - Line up at the Statue of Liberty at 8 a.m.; Depart at 9 a.m.; Tune into Channel 72 for updates
WHERE: Launching from the Statue of Liberty. Click here for more details.
WHY: Commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s expedition up the river that now bears his name.
HOW: Participation is FREE and all boats are welcome! Click here to register your boat.
Join hundreds of recreational boaters and an historic fleet of ships, including an exact replica of Henry Hudson’s Half Moon. Whether for a few hours or the full nine-day cruise from New York City to Albany, help us commemorate this impressive anniversary and celebrate one of our nation’s greatest waterways.
  • Make it a party - Bring friends and family to enjoy an exciting and historic celebration on the water
  • Chart your own course - Cruise for a day, the weekend or entire week – stops are scheduled at participating yacht clubs and marinas with special events planned at each port
  • Dock & learn - Educational programs on board the historic fleet at various stops along the Hudson throughout the week
Look for the Discover Boating cruiser on the first leg of the voyage from Liberty Island off of Manhattan. As the official recreational boating partner for River Day, we join boaters to celebrate one of our country’s most historic waterways. 
River Day is the flagship event of ExploreNY400 and the Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial. For more information, visit www.exploreny400.com.