Buying Your Next New Boat: Tips for Upgrading




Believe it or not, boaters on average own five boats in their lifetime. This makes sense. As families change, our motivations for getting out on the water evolve. As we learn more about the boating lifestlyle, we want to try new things, go further, bring more people, etc. You most likely had some excellent boating experiences that you want to capitalize on with your next boat. Here are a few tips to help you find the right next new boat for you and your family.

You have been thinking about this every time you were out on the water or at the docks and you saw her… your next boat. What was it about that boat that made you want her? What is at the root of your desire to upgrade or change? It usually comes down to one or a few of these things:

  • Size. You want more space for storage, comfort, more people, stability, etc.
  • Activities. You want to try new things like overnighting, cruising, wakeboarding, hardcore fishing, sailing, etc.
  • Speed. You want to go faster, or for some, you don\’t need to go quite that fast.
  • Functionality. You want a more comfortable head or galley, you want your family to be able to sleep on the boat, or you need more space to stow your toys.
  • Aesthetics. You want a boat that looks different.
  • Handling. You want something that will handle better in choppy water and keep you safe, dry and comfortable.
  • Reliability. Perhaps you bought a pre-owned boat before, or a new one that did not live up to your expectations. You want to upgrade in quality.

Getting to the root of these motivating factors will really help you pick the right next boat. You learned a lot with your first boat, use this knowledge to make a wise next purchase.

  • Buy bigger. Your family and group of friends are growing and they will keep growing. Once you find what you think is the right boat, check one out that is two feet longer. Three years from now, will your family be more comfortable in this one?
  • Find the right boat, motor, dealer combination. You most likely know that the dealer is an important part of the boating experience. Buy from someone who will be there for you when you need them.
  • Involve the whole family. Each of you want something different from your boat. Find a boat that will bring you all together for many years to come.
  • Make a list of what you need in a boat and what you want (and what you don’t want).
  • Then go shopping. A boat show is probably the most efficient way to line up the best deals right next to each other to find the best deals.
  • Use the boat show to narrow down your choices and then test drive your top choices. Bring the whole family see which one really feels the best.

You have become an experienced boater, an old salt. Now that you are confident on the water, and you understand how boats work, your goal should be to buy a boat that your family will enjoy for many years. Remember to keep these time-tested tips in mind.

Find the right next new boat for you and your family. Use our Boat Finder to compare different types of boats.

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