Boating with a Four-Legged Friend

If you enjoy boating, you probably enjoy taking your best friends out on your boat. What if some of your best friends happen to have four legs and a tail? Here is a cool story that proud dog owners Jan Phelps and Jim Petru shared with me!

Canadian Champion Khamsin’s Raffi El Marrakech
Call Name: Raffi
Owners: Jan Phelps and Jim Petru
Written by Jan Phelps

"Raffi was born on July 25, 2005 in Michigan , and came to us at age 12 weeks. We are great Oiler fans, so he was named after Raffi Torres, who, unfortunately, is no longer an Oiler. We wanted to get him the boots so we would be able to take him on our sailboat, which is in Victoria. It was pretty hilarious to see him trying to walk in the boots the first time we put them on him - back legs kicking up into the air, etc. But we took him last July for a week on the boat, as we were going to Vancouver to some (dog) shows at the end of the sailing trip. He adapted to the boat so well, once he learned to go up and down the steps, which were as steep as a ladder. He took great delight in standing on the side, wind blowing through his ears, while underway. We did, however, keep his leash attached to the life lines at all times. He accompanied us again in August and will probably go every trip now!!"

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 See ya out on the water!

posted @ 7/7/2009 11:48 AM by Chris