Boating Style Tips for Functional Fashion Aboard


As Memorial Day weekend approaches, what better way to prepare for boating season, than picking out some fashion essentials perfect for a day on the water?

Nautical fashion trends have stood the test of time, not only for the look, but also for the functionality. Whether it’s a navy and white striped shirt or a pair of boat shoes they evoke thoughts of life on the water.

Let’s take a look at some tips to choose your favorite fashionable boating essentials.

Lightweight shirt: Having a lightweight shirt is key for boating and stripes are always encouraged! Funny enough, the navy and white stripe trend is also a functional one, back in the 1800s this shirt became the official garment of sailors, as the distinctive pattern was easily spotted in the waves.

Boat Shoes: This popular footwear is also functional, giving  you a firm foothold on slippery decks and the rubber soles that won’t scuff up the boat interior. Before this popular footwear was on the scene sailors and boaters struggled to find a shoe with better traction. In the 1930s Paul Sperry, an avid boater, was struggling with the same problem. One icy day taking his dog for a walk he noticed the traction his dog’s paws created. Voila, the boat shoe was born. Learn more about the boat shoe’s history here.

Sunglasses: A boat is undeniably one of the best places to make sure you have your sunglasses. Boating and sunglasses go hand in hand. Having a strap or holder is also encouraged to keep them on your head and in the boat.

Swimsuit: Weather depending, swimsuits are a must on a boat. Have fun with the nautical trend and play with fun patterns like anchors, stripes and colors that are in abundance and on trend. Also, remember to bring layers, a long sleeved sweater or lightweight jacket is key, especially if you’re boating later in the day.

If you’re looking to sport your favorite nautical fashion trend aboard a boat this weekend, try our Get on the Water Tool to find rentals, charters and more in your area.