8 Best Boating Shoes to Wear this Summer

Boat shoes are gaining popularity in the fashion world! From being featured in Vogue to appearances at Paris Fashion Week, these classic shoes are currently in the spotlight. But all boaters know – we've been fans all along.

What Makes The Best Boating Shoes?

Not all boat shoes are created equal. Sure, they should look good and keep your feet dry on deck. But the best boat shoes offer exceptional features that go beyond the basics. Look for features like:

  • Strong traction and grip
  • Non-marking soles
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Best Boat Shoes on the Market Right Now

Ready to ditch the soggy sneakers? We've rounded up the most stylish and functional boat shoes for your next outing. 

Boat Shoes

1. Sperry Authentic Originals Todd Snyder or Harbormaster 2.0

Starting with a classic, Sperrys have been a boating staple since the U.S. Navy used them in their uniforms! When you think of well-made boating shoes, the Authentic Original™ Todd Snyder likely comes to mind. It has a round toe, a flat heel, non-marking rubber soles, and 360° lacing for a secure fit. 

But Sperry offers options beyond just the traditional. For a more sneaker-like feel, the Harbormasters 2.0 retains the iconic Sperry design at a budget-friendly price. Plus, their white soles are deck-friendly, avoiding scuff marks.

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2. Quoddy Head Boat Shoe

You need to check out the Quoddy Head Boat Shoes for a pricier pair of traditional boat shoes that sailors go mad for. They're excellent quality, made of leather in the United States, and will last a lifetime! And they don't give way even on the most treacherous driveways or decks. (If you want a quality shoe made in Maine that will last a long time, these are a great option.)

3. Helly Hanson Skagen F-1 Offshore 

For a touch of class and a dressier look, the Helly Hanson Skagen F-1 Offshore shoes are the perfect choice. These high-performance boat shoes prioritize comfort, stability, and deck protection – without compromising style.
Additionally, their supportive overlays keep your feet secure, while the grippy outsole ensures confident footing on wet surfaces. So, whether navigating the helm or relaxing on deck, the Skagen F-1 Offshore keeps you looking sharp.

4. XtraTuf Deck Boots

If you're looking for a dedicated fishing shoe that offers unwavering performance, look no further than the XtraTuf Deck Boot. These boots provide exceptional comfort for long days on deck, a crucial feature when you're out battling waves and navigating choppy waters. 
But the benefits don't stop there. The non-marking, slip-resistant Chevron outsole ensures confident footing, keeping your feet steady on deck no matter how rough the seas get. Sport and recreational anglers alike love the Xtratuf Deck Boot – it's the perfect combination of comfort, safety, and performance.

5. Grundéns Deck-Boss Ankle Boots 

Designed with angler comfort in mind, the Grundéns Deck-Boss Ankle Boots provide exceptional shock absorption for long days spent standing on the deck. A cushioned footbed and thicker insoles help keep your feet from getting tired, which is very important for fishers who cast lines for hours on end.

On top of that, these boots have features that make them really durable and provide excellent traction when it gets wet. The razor-siped soles grip even the slickest decks, while the dependable natural gum rubber outsole offers long-lasting performance for whatever excursion you dive into!

6. OluKai Moku Pae

A new wave in boat shoes, the OluKai Moku Pae is quickly becoming a classic. Living up to their name (Moku Pae translates to "boat" in Hawaiian), these contemporary boat shoes boast breathable mesh, no-tie laces, and a clever folding heel (wear them halfway down for on-the-go comfort). Perfect for both water and land adventures!

7. Columbia PFG Tamiami™ Shoes

With a pair of PFG TamiamiTM Shoes, you can hit the water in comfort and stay dry all day long. Breathable mesh keeps your feet cool while cushioning and shock absorption provide a comfortable ride. Plus, they offer good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. And the best part? A handy loop on the heel makes them a breeze to take on and off.

8. Dungarvan Lightweight Boat Shoe 

For the perfect blend of classic style and modern comfort, check out the Dungarvan Lightweight Boat Shoe. Boaters appreciate the shoe's construction from high-quality leather, which provides durability and a timeless look. 
Plus, the shock-absorbing midsole cushions every step, ensuring all-day comfort on deck. And to keep your feet dry, even when conditions get wet, the shoe has water-resistant leather and seams. 

Discover the Best Boating Shoes for Your Next Adventure

We've looked at eight of the best boating shoes; now it's up to you to choose the right pair! Before buying, consider the product's color, style, and how it'll hold up onboard. And if you're getting new clothes for the new season, don't forget to check out our picks for the best boating hats!