5 Best Tips on Tows

By Pierce Hoover


After several hundred thousand miles on the road, Tim Horton says these are his top tips:

Go Topless

Tim leaves his boat cover off when towing. In addition to reducing drag, it helps protect the boat’s finish from the abrasive friction that even a tight-fitting cover will cause at speed.

Develop a Zone Defense

If your vehicle doesn’t have wide-angle insert mirrors, consider investing in an add-on pair. Set these inset mirrors to cover your traditional blind spots, but always look out the windows before changing directions.

Right Thinking

Delivery drivers plan their routes based on right turns. If a left is necessary but questionable, consider "boxing" a series of rights, or find another way to turn and return.

Signal Your Intentions

Engage turn signals well ahead of a turn or lane change, and start braking early by tapping the pedal a few times to get other drivers’ attention.

Routine Performance

Develop standard pretrip- and midtrip-inspection routines. This will help ensure nothing is overlooked.  

Shared with Permission from Boating Life