Marine Electronics & Navigation Instruments

We buy boats because they’re so much fun, and one of the best ways to make them even more fun is with boating accessories that boost the entertainment factor. Naturally, items like marine stereos and speakers immediately come to mind. And if you own a large boat with a cabin, you probably also want a television aboard. But the entertainment options go well beyond these obvious items. Whether you’re an angler in search of fish or just out to satisfy your curiosity, you might want to consider dropping an underwater camera beneath the boat. And everyone needs camera gear for above the waterline, to record all those fun times aboard. There are also some electronics and A/V gear you may want for purposes that go beyond mere entertainment. More and more boat owners are equipping their pride and joy with navigation tools, security cameras, many of which can be remotely monitored via your cell phone thanks to modern tech, to make sure he boat’s safe and sound even when no one’s aboard.