jet boats

A jet boat’s propulsion system, almost completely enclosed within the hull, draws water from beneath the boat into a pump spun by the engine and expels it through a nozzle. That provides thrust that propels, and when directed from side to side, steers the boat.

That’s the technical stuff. What a jet boat does, though, is leap onto plane and dart across a lake, changing direction in a heartbeat while captain, passengers and maybe a tuber all grin. In short, jet boats make boating a blast.

Jet boats expel water above the waterline — nothing protrudes below the hull — so the boats can run on plane in less water. Oh and how they run! While the smallest jet boats — personal watercraft — are in their own category, many of today’s jet boats look and perform like bowriders, with their generous seating, swim platforms and the thrilling maneuverability of jet power.

Quick Stats

  • day cruising
  • 10 Max
  • 14 - 26 ft
  • jet propulsion
  • trailerable