high performance boats

Looking good and moving fast — those are the twin duties of a high-performance boat. High-horsepower engines — often two or three throaty stern-drive or sometimes outboard power plants — combine with long, sleek V or catamaran hulls to speed these boats across inland lakes and through ocean swells.

In some performance boats, driver and passengers are seated in a relatively small cockpit behind a long foredeck. In others, the cockpit is completely enclosed. Sometimes these boats race, sometimes they cruise, and sometimes they take part in ‘poker runs,’ where a series of destinations are visited between blasts of high-speed, high-powered boating fun.

High-performance boats are often almost as much about luxury and comfort as speed. Many have deluxe upholstery, enlarged head facilities, sleeping accommodations and even air conditioning. There’s often a party when the race or run is over.

But make no mistake: fast comes first.

Quick Stats

  • day cruising
  • N/A Max
  • 20 - 50 ft
  • outboard engine
  • inboard engine
  • sterndrive engine
  • trailerable