deck boats

Torn between an agile bowrider and a crowd-friendly pontoon boat? A deck boat might just be the ticket.

Deck boats visually resemble bowriders, but they retain much of their beam further forward with bows that don’t come to a bowrider’s sharp point. That creates more seating capacity and a very stable platform on which to enjoy the water. As deck boats have become bigger and broader and pontoon boats have become more powerful, performance-ready and posher, the two categories have drawn closer.

Sporty and stylish, deck boats come in a variety of configurations, from sunpad-topped sterndrive power to outboard engines directed by single-side console. Taking to the water from one of them, you can enjoy being in the water or bouncing along on top of it as generous powerplants provide plenty of oomph for waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing.

Quick Stats

  • freshwater fishing
  • watersports
  • day cruising
  • 14 Max
  • 18 - 28 ft
  • outboard engine
  • sterndrive engine
  • jet propulsion
  • trailerable