personal watercrafts

Simple and fun to operate, gentle on the budget, easy to transport and store — it’s no wonder the personal watercraft (PWC) is a regular visitor to pond, river, lake and ocean.

On today’s PWCs, the rider (driver, actually, since most accommodate more than one person) sits on the watercraft instead of in it as one would in a boat. An inboard engine — a now quieter direct-injection two-stroke or four-stroke power plant — spins a screw-shaped impeller that drives water through a nozzle to provide thrust for both propulsion and steering.

The PWC usually boasts on-board storage, adjustable handlebars, re-boarding steps, tow eyes for skiers, tubers and wakeboarders, and even reverse settings.

Quick Stats

  • watersports
  • pwcs
  • 3 Max
  • 8 - 13 ft
  • jet propulsion
  • trailerable