center consoles

These look like what they are: elegant fishing machines built for rough offshore waters, both saltwater and fresh.

In a center console you walk on the level sole or floor. In a walk-around boat you step up onto the deck or raised surface. Although center consoles feature open, very fishable designs, including massive insulated fish lockers, they often offer creature comforts such as convertible seating and T-tops and enclosures for protection from sun and rain. In some, the console even contains a berth (sleeping spot) or a head (toilet.) Center-console boats are designed for easy clean-up, especially after preparing bait or boating a big fish.

Beyond the basic floor plan, it’s mainly size that changes, from agile 15-footers with a single 60-horsepower outboard engine to 42-footers with three or four massive 350-horsepower outboards across its transom, producing a top speed of 70 mph. All aim at one thing — catching fish!

Quick Stats

  • freshwater fishing
  • saltwater fishing
  • day cruising
  • N/A Max
  • 18 - 48 ft
  • outboard engine
  • trailerable