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But despite its out-of-the-way, end-of-the-road status, Cedar Key does draw its share of visitors. Bird-watchers flock to one of the oldest bird and wildlife refuges in the U.S., and those in the know come here for what has to be one of the most impressive can't-miss-restaurants-to-people ratios in the country.
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Top boating states, ranked by total economic value in 2012, including
popular destinations for on-water getaways from DiscoverBoating.com
#1 Florida
#2 California
#3 Michigan
#4 Texas
#5 New York
#6 Minnesota
#7 Wisconsin
#8 North Carolina
#9 Illinois
#10 South Carolina
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“The First State,” as it calls itself because of being “the first state” to ratify the Constitution, is a destination...
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The largest island in New England, Martha's Vineyard sits seven miles off the Cape Cod coast and is so beautiful you...
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You could travel to Missouri 20 times and never hear of this little, French-named lake on the northern edge of the...
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With 300 miles of waterways and 40,000 resident yachts, it’s not surprising that Fort Lauderdale is nicknamed “the...
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Northern Minnesota's most loathsome catch, the eelpout, is a heinous fusion of a catfish's head, and an eel's body....
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From the top of 1,800-foot Mount Kineo, which sits on a peninsula jutting into Moosehead Lake, you can see miles upon...