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Saltwater Fish - Dolphin


Coryphaena hippurus

Distinguishing Markings:

Bright greenish blue above, yellow on sides, with the capability of flashing purple, chartreuse, and a wide range of other colors.  The body tapers sharply from head to tail with irregular blue or golden blotches scattered over sides. They have a deeply forked tail.  The anterior profile of adult males’ heads is nearly vertical; females are more sloping.  The single long, dark dorsal fin extends from just behind the head to the tail; the anal fin margin is concave and extending from anus to tail.



Common 4 to 30 pounds, up to 80 pounds



Dolphin inhabit blue-water environs, roaming the open ocean, commonly found around objects and debris



Offshore in warm water


Food Preference:

Flying fish and squid



Spawns in warm ocean currents throughout much of the year; young found in sargassum weed


Fishing Tips:

One of the fastest-growing fish, thought to live no more than 5 years; swimming speed is estimated at 50 knots.  A hard fighting species, the dolphin is one of the top offshore gamefish.  Use big game outfits with rigged trolling baits on large hooks-- flyingfish, mullets, and squid are effective.  Troll plugs and feathers at quick speeds. Dolphin are inquisitive and will follow a hooked member of the school up to the side of the boat.


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