Certified Dealers

Buying from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

Certified Dealership The Marine Industry Dealership Certification Program is designed to ensure that buying and maintaining a boat are pleasant experiences. When you visit a Marine Industry Certified Dealership, you can feel confident you're choosing a business that is committed to your satisfaction, both in terms of product and service. You can expect:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable employees
  • Quality products
  • Reliable service

To become Marine Industry Certified*, a dealership must demonstrate its commitment to excellence by meeting high standards in several key areas:

  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Professional sales/service processes
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee training/satisfaction

Benefits of Buying from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

  • A marine industry Consumer Commitment
  • Assurance of dealership's commitment to excellence
  • Guaranteed opportunity to provide feedback and resolve issues
*If you are a dealer and would like to be listed on Discover Boating, click here to learn more about becoming a Certified Dealership. If you are a Marine Industry Certified Dealership and do not see your dealership listed, contact the MRAA.