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ABC’s of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Class A Fire
Ordinary Combustibles (anything that burns and leaves ash)/lib/img/gallery/img086515635.jpg

Recommended Class A
Fire Extinguishers
• Tri-class (ABC) Dry Chemical Extinguisher
• Foam Extinguisher
• Water (can only be used on Class A fires!)

Class B Fire
Flammable Liquids (fuel, lighter fluid, etc.)

Class B fires can spread by using the wrong extinguishing agent. If water is used on a Class B fire, the stream can splash the burning liquid and create more of a hazard. Foam extinguishers are highly effective when fighting Class B fires because they blanket and smother the vapor layers.

Recommended Class B
Fire Extinguishers
• Tri-class (ABC) Dry Chemical Extinguisher
• Regular (BC) Dry Chemical
• Carbon Dioxide
• Foam Extinguisher

Class C Fire
Electrical Equipment (electronics, wiring, fuse panels, etc.)

When fighting a Class C electrical fire, be sure to secure the power source and use a non-conducting extinguishing agent. NEVER use a foam extinguisher on an electrical fire!

Recommended Class C
Fire Extinguishers
• Tri-class (ABC) Dry Chemical Extinguisher


-United States Coast Guard

"Abandon Ship!"

Written by FSF Staff

Shared with Permission by FloridaSportFishing.