In a hurry? A trawler might not be your boat. But boating isn’t always about hurrying, and if you’re in the mood for a real voyage or even living aboard a boat, you might consider a trawler. Their rounded-bottom displacement hulls easily accommodates home-like sleeping, cooking and bathroom facilities — some with full-size appliances, full showers, and even washer/dryer combinations — perfect for everything from a long weekend to a voyage around the globe, even with a crew of just two. Although they look big, some trawlers can float in less than three feet of water.

Displacement hulls are designed to be most efficient at 8 to 15 knots, so they don’t need massive engine power that would produce that lift. As a result, trawlers require smaller engines, yielding thrifty fuel consumption.

Others trawlers split the difference. Called semi-displacement boats, these boats’ hulls produce some lift and they’re swifter but they require more fuel per nautical mile.

Quick Stats

  • overnight cruising
  • day cruising
  • N/A Max
  • 26 - 50 ft
  • inboard engine
  • not trailerable